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Shiitake mushroom: Benefits and tips on how to enhance the absorption of the nutrients

  Even if you never heard of this mushroom is very famous in east Asia and has been used for centuries and here are some reasons why and also  how to improve the absorption of beneficial nutrients Availability  These mushrooms can be found easily in most of the groceries so not just Asian groceries shop Cost The cost of this is very similar to the most common mushrooms, it might be few cents higher depending on the shop but is still affordable for most budgets Taste Flavour is meaty and versatile for many recipes depending on your taste, especially for soups, salads and meat dishes  Nutrition Is low in calories: 34kcal for 100 gr Good amount fibres: over 2gr per 100 gr  Benefits - Reduces unhealthy fat:  The compounds found, especially the b-glucan can reduce plasma lipid fats and slow down the absorption of them - Support the immune system: Thanks to the vitamins and minerals contained they help to keep the immune system healthy and functional - Reduces the levels of fatigue: Thanks t

Functional and Medicinal Mushrooms: Chaga mushroom benefits including boost of energy and substitute of coffee

 In the next few month we are going to discuss some of the most useful mushrooms which are known to have different benefits and used for centuries in many cultures and you can find them easily online or in your local store Today we are going to discuss:  Chaga Mushroom (Latin name: Inononutus obliquus) Commonly used in cold climates such as Siberia and some part of Asia where it grows easily Benefits - Lowers blood sugar - Very high in fibre and antioxidants (one of the highest concentration)  - Reduces long term inflammation and fights harmful bacteria and fungi  - Good amount of Calcium, Iron and Rubidium - Supporting the immune system  Taste Available as a tea or powder or even pills, the taste range goes from Chinese herbal tea to regular coffee , that's why can be used as a substitute since has similar effects exactly like caffeine or even better The aftertaste reminds of vanilla since it has similar compounds that are exactly the one you can find in the vanilla beans  This on