The importance of hydration when exercising and Sport Drinks Cycling Recipe from an European and Asian Registered Dietitian

When we talk about nutrition the fluids are included and hydration it's important  to assure the best performance mentally and physically, in this case by focusing more on the second one, we are going to discuss some ideas and formulas of sport drinks to make sure that fluids and minerals are correctly recovered, before we start with suggesting the formulas to choose from, let's make a recap of some practical tips when doing physical activity - Varieties is important to not get bored of the routine and planning ahead new drinks to try every week or when the season is changing can help to stay focused and continue your exercise regime instead of getting bored after few weeks   - Understanding your limits and your body, means also to adjust the dosages suggested in our drinks to avoid any hypoglycaemic side effect or to prefer the low fat or low sugar options if your target is to loose weight as well - Making sure to drink little and often instead of too much in one go, to take

Affordable and tasty sugar free products (including shortbread and wafers)

I have discussed last month about  how hard it can be to find a good sugar free alternative   That can satisfy your taste without being too expansive  for products needed on a weekly or daily basis that  overall might be a huge cost at the end of the month. We also discussed last time about the sugar free sugar Maria biscuits from Gull√≥n So researching for more products of this brand I have noticed that can easily make life simple for all the reason quoted previously So let's have a look on some of these alternatives  and please feel free to comment with any other product that you found could be better Sugar free shortbread per 100 gr: Calories: 439  Fats: 18 gr Sugars: less than 0.5 gr  Fibre: 4 gr So as a portion of 2 or 3 biscuits per time, could almost no sugar and less than 100 calories To consider that the amount of fat could be higher so in that case the following product is

Bulgur, what is it, where to use it and nutritional value

What is it? Similar to Quinoa or couscous it's a cereal made from groat of durum wheat usually (and this wheat is commonly used for some varieties of fresh pasta like tagliatelle) Not to be confused with cracked wheat (we are going to discuss the nutritional value in the next chapter)  Commonly used in the Middle East and Mediterranean countries it offers a great varieties of recipes you can choose from  Is usually parboiled so very quick to prepare Nutritional value:   Per 100 gr: Calories: 83 Fat 0.24 gr Carbs: 18.6 gr which Sugars: 0.1 gr which Fibres: 4.5 gr Protein: 3.1 gr Benefits: Fat and cholesterol free High in Fibre and low in sugar Good source of Manganese and Magnesium Good alternative to Quinoa or Wholemeal rice, so you can use this as a good alternative 

Recipe finder, something different from the usual Recipe websites

Let's start the new year in the best way possible: with freedom!  The freedom to choose in this case   Sometimes it's easy to get bored of the same meals during the week over and over That's when craving for something else start to increase and often this could be a takeaway or just something high in calories to break the routine  So here some trustable websites that offer healthy recipes and you can select quick and easy options or a more complex one depending on your time and skills Could be a good idea to pick one option for each meal of the day to be introduced every week and keep the change for the following week if you liked or change again in the second week and so on The whole point of doing this is to help you staying on track with good alternatives and have more varieties as well 1) healthy-family-dinners/ 2) search?special-consideration= healthy 3) recipes/ 4)  https://www.allr

Quick Snack alternative: Seaweed, why to choose it and nutritional values

Aldo called "sea vegetables"    and is quite self explenatory They are basically algae of different colours from the sea They are nutritious and filling. As you can notice it is a very light snack So another good snack alternative to add in your variety Also easy to use in lot of recipes as ingredient, so really a flexible product. Here is the nutritional value for 100gr : Could change depending on the brand and on the variety of algae which are made of so always double check the label Calories: 50 kcal Carbs 10 gr Protein 2gr Fat 1 gr High in: Magnesium   Iodine  Folate FIber  WHERE TO FIND IT: You can find that in the main groceries and even easier in  ethnic Asian shops as well. BENEFITS: - The iodine can help to boost the metabolism thanks to a better functioning of your thyroid  - The high amount of fibres help to control hunger and keep satiety for longer - It helps with your gut health to promote the healthy bacteria -