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Low Mood, Depression, Anxiety and how to get some practical help (list of free services around the world with details)

In this last year we discussed a lot of alternatives to manage comfort eating and emotional eating  related to stress and depression and how to be more mindful  ( links at the bottom if you want to have a look) But what if it's not enough, as a Dietitian I can tell that sometimes is not about food. Mental health and the mood are important  to guarantee that you are able to have a good quality of life included following a healthy lifestyle. But what if low mood, depression and anxiety are "devouring" you and need to constantly fight with all of this. Sometimes food is not the solution, and focusing on what is creating all those emotions is not an easy process but something that could help permanently instead of a temporary fix like comfort eating. So this time I am going to list you some professional support, free to use that could be used to avoid the long waiting from your local medical centre and to keep all your confidentiality, because som

Comparison between different oils and what to look on the labels and ingredients, including butter, margarine, spray oil and vegetable oils

Here is a quick comparison between different kind of oils and what to check on the labels before buying  What to check on the labels: Mainly are two things: - The nutritional values Trying to prefer oils rich in Polyunsaturated fats and at the same time Avoid or r educing the amount of saturated and trans fats   To note that any fat/oil from a plant is naturally without cholesterol Which means that is present in any animal fat including butter or ghee for example - Checking the ingredients is important too! Sometimes there are more ingredients than expected and often could reduce the quality For example when buying Extra Virgin Olive oil: Often there is a percentage of different kind of qualities  of olives to obtain a cheaper version so to not get tricked is important to check the percentages and in this case " you get what you pay for" applies almost always. Just consider that you may pay a little bit more to get a better quality of