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How do you eat your meal? Part 2: Place and other Distractions. MINDFULNESS

In the first part we discussed about Speed and Perception while you are eating Here is the link in case you want to have a look: Now in this second part we will discuss about other two main points included in the MINDFULNESS : - PLACE:  It does matter, just take a moment to think about a meal consumed at home and the same exact meal and portion consumed at work, the perception we have is different and also how much was satisfying and filling could be perceived differently. So try to plan ahead where you can have your meal in peace without getting distracted and being able to focus and enjoy more your food Now even at home the place could make the difference, sitting on a table with a right posture it does help to be more mindful, applying a simple rule: When you eat JUST eat. Sounds too simple but getting distracted by something in some other places, like the TV in another r

Get rewards to walk (free): update on SWEATCOINS. Main improvements

We discussed about this application in a previous post, almost a year ago (link at the bottom) But it might be something new if you started to follow this page just recently To summarise:  It's a totally free app that gives you reward for walking! (with no other implications) I wanted to make this post because there are some update and improvements and this could be a very good reason to increase your steps and activity everyday. Main improvements: - It counts ALL the steps, included the one indoor, so no excuses if you can't leave home, as far you are keeping your phone in your pocket or using a connected smart watch, it will count every single step. - More rewards , as discussed previously sometimes is not easy to keep the motivation, especially in the long run, but as simple as it sounds, getting rewards for your efforts and having targets (like your daily amount of steps to reach) it really can make the difference in the long term. - It is now a " po