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Tempeh: what is that and what kind of benefit it brings

 Tempeh  What is it ? Originally from Indonesia but now spreading across Asia and even Europe and USA, so it's easy to find this product in your local grocery and no need to go anywhere specific It's made out of fermented soybean with a result of a cake form nutty flavoured with different textures depending on the way is cooked The varieties of soybeans used are: yellow/white/black A good quality tempeh should be firm and with a pleasant odour  Nowadays thanks to its popularity there is a variety of recipe you can find online that can satisfy any taste and combination with other ingredients It is a great source of vegetarian protein  Nutritional value per 100 gr Less than 200 kcal which is a good amount considering the nutrients  Less than 8 gr of Carbohydrates  10 gr of Fat  20 gr of Protein which is a high value  Contains a variety of Group B vitamins Minerals: Source of Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc  Benefits  - Influences the gut microbiota in a positive way:  Since it's