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Anxiety and diet, how this can help managing or preventing that, including panic attacks

There are many factors connected to anxiety and the trigger for that, considering each person is different and has a variety of unique triggers, there are still ways to naturally prevent or reduce these including the diet and in this post I am going to explain why and how to use this on our advantage. Why your diet is going to help? The gut microbiota is responsible for the production of the majority of SEROTONIN and GABA These two are linked to improve the mood and to stabilise it as well which is basically the opposite of anxiety and panic attacks This means that if we manage through the diet to improve your gut microbiota health, the result will be a higher and better productions of the above two and this can regulate the mood in the long term and work as the best prevention and resistance from triggering anxiety. The anti- anxiety diet: In this approach were food is medicine the 2 main points are: - Reducing inflammatory food  When the inflammation is higher (for example due to st