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Acne and diet, how this can help you prevent and improve any related symptoms

  Topical treatment are not the only way to work with acne and the food we eat plays an important role on preventing breakouts in the first place, and prevention it's always a better solution. Food to avoid: - Alcohol - Sweetened cereal breakfast - Instant cereal and porridge  - Large quantities of whey protein  - Dairy products including the low fat version: because of the bovine growth hormones contained in it which is linked to a higher breakouts  - Food that increases your blood sugar too quickly: like white rice and pasta or sugar, the reason behind this is the hormonal response of our body when higher amount of sugar and carbs are introduced - Fizzy drinks, even the sugar free one due to the sweeteners and other chemicals  What about Chocolate: There is a common misconception leading to think that chocolate consumption is linked to an increased acne breakout, but if we just check the list above we can immediately understand that really depends on what kind of chocolate we are