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FSMP - food for special medical purposes, what is it and practical examples on what to choose and be aware of

 FSMP stands for: Food for Special  Medical  Purposes What exactly does it mean? The food has been designed to meet a specific medical requirement to be used for specific medical conditions  The variety in this is wide since the requirements are many and increasing day by day Some practical examples: - Bonebalance: These products help with bone density so their food has increased nutrients aimed for this purpose - Infant formula for special medical purposes  What is the difference with food supplements? Food supplements are used in a balanced diet and they are NOT a medical product and they can slowly improve a deficit with time FSMP are medical product which often needs to be used under medical supervision and are targeted to have a stronger and quicker result for what they claim with research behind this claim. When is needed? When the diet or supplements are not enough and not achieving the desired target and after consulting your Doctor to agree on this. Also when there is any abso