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Low caloric coffee drinks which one to choose and how to reduce the calories

If you are having one or more coffee per day that could be a relevant amount of calories at the end of the month, but I definitely understand the importance of caffeine in your daily routine.

So let's discuss alternatives to still have it but reducing the calories and hidden sugars as much as possible with homemade drinks or the one from the coffee shop:


- Cold Brew Coffee:  3 calories

- Nitro Cold Brew: 4 calories

- Classic Americano 11 calories

- Nitro Cold Brew with caramel foam 28 calories

- Cold Foam Iced Cappuccino 57 calories

- Cappuccino 93 calories

Keep in mind that all these recommendations unfortunately, will be worthless if you put sugar or honey in each drink.

But don't worry here the link on my previous post about alternatives to make your drink sweet without adding any sugar:

Also if you are used to putting milk in it, try to add or ask the skimm…

Are Seeds helpful with weight loss ? Comparison between Flax Pumpkin and Chia and portion control

The varieties of seeds we can find in the standard groceries are amazing but that means that we need to pay extra attention to check and choose the right one.

Here is a list of the ones to prefer and why:
- Flax seeds:  55 kcal per tablespoon  4gr of fat, and 3 gr of Fibers  High in Fiber and Omega 3 but low in calories 

- Pumpkin seeds: less than 100 kcal per tablespoon 2 gr of fat and 6 gr of Carbs but one-third of that are Fibers High in Zinc and more minerals that can help to maintain a regular bowel against constipation

- Chia seeds: 60 kcal per tablespoon 3 gr of fat and 5 gr of Carbs 
but almost all of them are fibres (4gr) High in Iron, Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin E

Two more good reasons:
Taste is good in many ways from a snack to a sprinkle on your main dish
and they are very filling. 

How much to eat?
To make thins easier, One full tablespoon (10 grams) should be enough but you can have this even twice during the day.

Vegan alternatives low in carbs that can be used in ANY diet: Tofu Seitan Legumes and seeds

The aimis to get enough healthy proteins without increasing excessively the number of carbs and fat

For a wight loss target, youcancount your daily intake of carbs and tryto stay in a range between:

60 gramsin caseyouare sedentary almost every day and
 a maximum of 100 gramsin caseyou are very active daily

Here some low caloric and lowcarbs alternatives that can be included easily in any diet so you don't have to be vegetarian to enjoy these ingredientsand can be used for a quick snack or part of your main dish:

- TOFU: 100 gramshave 8 gr of fat

- SEITAN: 100 gramshave only 2.4 gr of fat

-LEGUMESare a good source of protein and could be an alternative to any animalproduct100gramscontain  80kcal and just 0.4 grams but be careful to buy the no added sugar version or even better if make it from scratch

- SEEDS to prefer: Flax, Pumpkins, Quinia, Chia and Sesame - Mini vegan Quiches: just 35 kcal each (but depends if you have portion control already)- Frozen Grapes: 30 of them are around 100 k…

Alternative Number 2: why to choose the Low Fat Hummus/Houmous and nutritional value

Getting bored of the same low-calorie snacks or meal every day could bethe major obstacle for the long term success in your lifestyle changes, so time to time I will provide youalternatives to have more varieties in your diet.

This is the second alternative after the Belvita Biscuits here is the link for the article in case you missed:

Now as a second alternative I would like to recommend low-fat Hummus/Houmus (a chickpea-based dip) that can be used as a snack or even as a quick meal for Lunch or Dinner.

Why Low-fat Houmous?
Is high in fibre and protein, low in carbs and fat, plus is quick and easy to use with many options, the amount of fibre and protein helps you to fillfull even with a small portion.

Let's discuss PORTIONS, CALORIES and WHICH Houmous to choose.


-As a Snack 50gr should be enough and you can easily measure that with the package that is usually around 200 gr (so one-quarter of the pot)

- If you are…

Instant Porridge Pots comparison between different Brands: Quacker, Scotts, Kellogs, Oomf, Tesco and Asda

Wediscussedin the previous post about overnight oats thatrequireto bepreparedthenightbefore, but what if youwantsomething similar without anypreparation?

Instant porridge could be an alternative to have a different and definitely quick breakfast, but since the porridge is readymade we need to pay attention to the ingredients to find the lowest in calories and sugar to choose.

Here some alternatives:
- Tesco Free Orginal or Syrup: 180 kcal per pot

-Asda  by you Apple & Blueberry /RedFruits /Syrup: around 200 kcal per pot

- Quacker oat so simple Original: 190 kcal per pot

 -Oomf!skinny oats Berry /Originalgolden  syrup: around 190 kcal per pot
- Scott's so easy Original: around 180 kcal per pot

-Kellogs Multigrain: around 190 kcal per pot

-Peppa Pig Instant strawberry /banana /golden syrup flavour:is the lowest in calories because is also one of the smallest in portion, to keep this alternative only if you can deal with this portion or not used to havetoo muchfood for breakfast. Around 13…