Low caloric coffee drinks which one to choose and how to reduce the calories

If you are having one or more coffee per day that could be a relevant amount of calories at the end of the month, but I definitely understand the importance of caffeine in your daily routine.

So let's discuss alternatives to still have it but reducing the calories and hidden sugars as much as possible with homemade drinks or the one from the coffee shop:


- Cold Brew Coffee:  3 calories

- Nitro Cold Brew: 4 calories

- Classic Americano 11 calories

- Nitro Cold Brew with caramel foam 28 calories

- Cold Foam Iced Cappuccino 57 calories

- Cappuccino 93 calories

Keep in mind that all these recommendations unfortunately, will be worthless if you put sugar or honey in each drink.

But don't worry here the link on my previous post about alternatives to make your drink sweet without adding any sugar:


Also if you are used to putting milk in it, try to add or ask the skimmed or semi-skimmed one that will have half of the total calories

Or even better in taste and calories the BOB milk (especially if you are making your coffee at home)

Pic via Pixabay


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