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Affordable and tasty sugar free products (including shortbread and wafers)

I have discussed last month about  how hard it can be to find a good sugar free alternative   That can satisfy your taste without being too expansive  for products needed on a weekly or daily basis that  overall might be a huge cost at the end of the month. We also discussed last time about the sugar free sugar Maria biscuits from Gull√≥n So researching for more products of this brand I have noticed that can easily make life simple for all the reason quoted previously So let's have a look on some of these alternatives  and please feel free to comment with any other product that you found could be better Sugar free shortbread per 100 gr: Calories: 439  Fats: 18 gr Sugars: less than 0.5 gr  Fibre: 4 gr So as a portion of 2 or 3 biscuits per time, could almost no sugar and less than 100 calories To consider that the amount of fat could be higher so in that case the following product is