COPD Symptoms, nutritional advice to improve the condition and things to avoid

COPD Symptoms, nutritional advice to improve the condition and things to avoid This post is available in English, Italian, Bengali, Spanish and Russian (continue to scroll down until the desired language and if not available you can use the box on the left to use the automatic translator)  COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)  includes a group of lung conditions that cause  Breathing difficulties Many people don't realise they have it, here some of the most common symptoms: - Breathlessness , especially when doing intense activities, and you can notice getting out of breath way earlier than you used to in the past - Persistent chesty cough and wheezing  These symptoms might appear in a very mild form (stage 1) at the beginning but they are usually persistent and that could be a red flag to talk with your Doctor to check and prevent to  avoid  getting worse (Stage 4: very severe) The cause is usually related to smoking or harmful dust/fumes that damaged the lungs  An im

The importance of COPPER, where to find this mineral in your food intake and how to understand if you have a deficiency and enhance the absorption of it

 Let's start by explaining the reason why this mineral is important: - Is considered one of the "brain food" due to its role in the daily brain activities especially oxygen consumption and transport - Supports our immune system and metabolism again in the daily activities that our body has to maintain  - It helps to maintain healthy skin tissues and collagen production  - Antioxidant action so it reduces the free radicals production  Is not produced by the body so we have to introduce that with our food intake When the storage in our body is not enough, we might experience some deficiency symptoms  Deficiency symptoms: - Fatigue caused by a reduced energy production which copper is directly involved - Weak immune system with more frequent sicknesses and to be more sensitive to cold temperatures   - Learning and memory difficulties, this mineral is involved in the energy production in the whole body, included the brain  - Premature grey hair and pale skin as a consequence

The importance of hydration when exercising and Sport Drinks Cycling Recipe from an European and Asian Registered Dietitian

When we talk about nutrition the fluids are included and hydration it's important  to assure the best performance mentally and physically, in this case by focusing more on the second one, we are going to discuss some ideas and formulas of sport drinks to make sure that fluids and minerals are correctly recovered, before we start with suggesting the formulas to choose from, let's make a recap of some practical tips when doing physical activity - Varieties is important to not get bored of the routine and planning ahead new drinks to try every week or when the season is changing can help to stay focused and continue your exercise regime instead of getting bored after few weeks   - Understanding your limits and your body, means also to adjust the dosages suggested in our drinks to avoid any hypoglycaemic side effect or to prefer the low fat or low sugar options if your target is to loose weight as well - Making sure to drink little and often instead of too much in one go, to take