How to count your steps and get rewards for walking (SWEATCOIN)

Exercise and Diet are like 50-50 to reach your target and continue to improve in the long term
Sometimes going to the gym is not always possible, but increasing your steps it's the easier way to be active every day and burn more calories.

This application  ⇰

 (you can click on the link and register for free with your email)
 This app gives you virtual coins to get freebies: a lot of rewards like a free day in your local gym or a weekly/monthly supply of vitamins or just a free coffee.

To obtain these virtual coins, all you need to do is Walk!
Simple as that, the more you walk the more coins you get.

Finding the motivation could be hard sometimes, so having rewards could definitely help, especially at the beginning, because changing a habit is the hardest part, but trust me after few weeks, when walking over 10000 steps will be your new routine you will not get back to the old habits.

Keep in mind that Rewards are always secondary, the major benefit is improving your health, resistance and mood. (being active everyday is strictly linked to reduce depression and anxiety)
Plus walking is flexible to whenever you have free time and without paying any membership.

Feeling better will be the first award.

Extra tip to avoid too much pressure on your legs, especially your knees:

  • Try to avoid your steps all in once
  •  Remember that you have 24 hours to get your daily 10000 steps, so use all the free time you have, sometimes you don't even need to find extra time
  • Walking from the station or just few bus stops earlier to reach your work place would be a good routine, or just a 10 minutes walk 1 hour after your major meals (so that would be 30 mins after Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for istance)
  • A lot of patients advised me that morning is the best time for any extra walk, because in the evening especially after work it's hard to find the motivation and energy, so that's completely understandable and I think it's a good suggestion to find a easier routine.
As a Last thing after you have downloaded the application, remember to allow the GPS for this and keep the phone in your pocket or bag to automatically count the steps.


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