Alternative N.3 to manage comfort eating and Fibre One products, Low in sugars and high in fibres

Managing comfort eating is never easy, especially at the very beginning.

 But how to stop this vicious circle ?

Usually food high in white simple sugars  are a common choice to satisfy this craving.

But the problem is that makes you crave even more sugars later on, because this ingredient is strongly addictive, and your brain will always ask for more and more white sugar.

To overcome this, having something similar in taste which is actually lower in simple sugars and higher in fibre will help you to reduce and stop the craving in the long term, you will not even think about comfort eating.

 Step by step guide:

  • First of all avoiding temptations make things easier, not having high sugar and high calories products at home will help you to maintain your will power, so just try to avoid buying those products when doing groceries or if you are living with someone just have a talk with other members of your house to just hide in their own space any products that can make you feel tempted or just feeling restricted, support is always helpful.

  • Now I will make a list of products that can be used as comfort eating but be careful to use this only when you are really craving that, as a kind of last resort to use it just once in a while and reducing the frequency in the future little by little

  • Going to buy this only when you really need comfort eating to avoid other snacks that could be higher in calories and sugars.


As I said before replacing what you would normally have as a comfort eating with something that is similar in taste but lower in sugars and higher in Fibres can help you through the time to reduce those cravings.

  • Peanut butter pop corn bars:
90 Kcal per serving (one piece)
4.2 gr of sugars
5gr of fibre 

  • Chocolate fudge brownie or Cinnamon drizzle squares: 
87 kcal per serving (one piece)
7 gr of sugars
5 gr of fibre

  • Triple chocolate bars:
89 Kcal per serving (one piece)
6.5 gr of sugars
5 gr of fibre

  • Carrot cake bars:
90 Kcal per serving (one piece)
5.8 gr os sugars
6 g of fibre

They have other flavours which are similar in Kcal and sugars and fibres


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