Sugar free biscuits, when to choose this one and nutritional value

Sometimes Sugar free products can be very expansive or just not tasty.

I came across this product which is easy to find in almost every grocery, even in Poundland and the taste is like the classic digestive but with an amount of sugar that is very low
(less than half a gram for 100gr of product):

Maria sugar free biscuits from Gullon per 100 gr:

Calories: 412 
I would recommend a portion of 50gr or less (3 or 4 biscuits)

Fibre: 4.5 gr

Protein: 7 gr 

Fats: 11 gr

Salt: 1gr

The amount of fat could be high, but if combined with some low fat product like semi skimmed milk or light yogurt, it could balanced to obtain a low caloric intake overall, especially if you want to reduce your sugar intake.


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