Real Benefits, Caffein content of Green Tea and false myths about that

Before listing the benefits let's say that

Green Tea CAN help

 but only if included as a part of a healthy lifestyle

so it won't be a remedy to balance all the unhealthy choices.

Can help to loose weight ?

Studies shown that just ADDING green tea to your daily routine might not help with significant weight loss.

 But switching this drink without added sugars instead of fizzy drinks or any other sugary drink is going mathematically to reduce your caloric intake and that is a fact especially in the long term journey.

Again following this reasoning the switch will help to reduce and control better the sugar levels in your blood, consider that if you are already avoiding sugary/fizzy drinks the benefit could be minimal because of healthier choices already in place.

For instance:
Switching From a daily consumption of soda could save as 50000 calories as average per year!

Caffein content:

Depending on the brand.
But usually the caffeine amount is lower of 1/4 compared to coffee (from 100mg as average to 25mg per cup)

Some other brands could be caffeine free and it clearly specify that on the label.

Don't trust all the promises:

There are lot of myths about fat burning 
Curing diseases 
Or remedy to some medical condition

Unfortunately is not a magical drink, so that's why the disclaimer at the beginning, this could help but only as a part of a long journey with more than just a change in your drinks.

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