Covid-19: Recipes, Dietetic advice and false myths, in collaboration with Ariel (RD in Taiwan)

First of all there is not a cure or a sure prevention for the virus yet, so all of these is to help to boost your immune system and prevent malnutrition which might be helpful in lot of circumstances, this one included

But we need to be careful on all the misinformation and myths circulating on the internet, on desperate time like this, we still need to check the sources before believing in what we find online because anyone can give an opinion and some of them could be misleading

Here some myths and fake news I have found that are NOT true and  is just made to clickbait:

  • Some of the most dangerous are: drinking bleach or snorting cocaine can cure the virus, which is absolutely FALSE
  • Vitamin C unfortunately will not prevent to catch the virus
  • Oregano oil is not a cure against the virus
  • Lot of video showing food to avoid in order to not catch the virus are made without any scientifically proof, so not trustworthy at all

Always check for reliable sources/articles.

As mentioned before nutrition is still important to improve your immune system and be ready for this challenging times, and especially avoid any kind of deficiencies and malnutrition which could make a person more vulnerable

As I am writing this post I can directly hear from my friends in Italy (where now there is a complete lockdown) how the boredom and emotional eating could be the main challenge during the quarantine

Emotional Eating;
Stress and Anxiety are normal consequences and need to be considered, is it ok to worry about friends and relatives and for yourself, but how do we avoid to panic and comfort eating?

So let's discuss how to avoid and deal with these

The mental health is very important as always and having new hobbies and keeping in touch with people through social media, calls, video calls will be a small but effective way to reduce the stress

Food talking, we discussed in the previous posts many healthy snacks alternatives to still have something but without increasing your caloric and sugar intake drastically, so please have a look to the previous posts and here some useful links:

But mindful eating could be the key to deal better every single day during the quarantine:

  • Focusing just on what you are eating without distractions like TV, phone or laptop
  • Slowing down and tasting more to appreciate and help to notice the portion you are having 
  • Asking yourself if you are really hungry or is more due to boredom, and think twice before crabbing a snacks that could be avoided 


This post was made in collaboration with my colleague Dietitian from Taiwan who wrote this following chapter please have look to her website for more interesting posts:

Italian mayors lose patience with dodgers-義大利市長們失去耐性的請亂跑的人dodgers待在家!

Previous posts about COVID-19 mentioned a meal plan for boosting the immune system and prevent malnutrition. 

營養師隨手寫菜單Recipe from RD

Breakfast: A cup of Milk/Yogurt 
+ Egg with Toast
Breakfast Dessert: Kiwi * 1, 
Lunch: Teppanyaki-with Oysters 
(Including cruciferous plants, garlic)
Noon: Guava * 1, or  Orange*1, 
or strawberries
Dinner: Sukiyaki ( a lot of green leafy 
vegetables + Egg Liquid + Carrot + 
Red Pepper + Tofu)
Supper: Yogurt / Buttermilk
* Less coffee, alcohol, smoke
It can make from home, keep social distancing
Some alternative snack with low calories, such as instant roast sea sedge, dried vegetable cookies



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