Recipe finder, something different from the usual Recipe websites

Let's start the new year in the best way possible: with freedom! 

The freedom to choose in this case

 Sometimes it's easy to get bored of the same meals during the week over and over

That's when craving for something else start to increase and often this could be a takeaway or just something high in calories to break the routine 

So here some trustable websites that offer healthy recipes and you can select quick and easy options or a more complex one depending on your time and skills

Could be a good idea to pick one option for each meal of the day to be introduced every week and keep the change for the following week if you liked or change again in the second week and so on

The whole point of doing this is to help you staying on track with good alternatives and have more varieties as well

Extra tip: most of these links are going directly to healthy recipes, but in the search bar for each link you can type just one ingredient depending on what do you feel like and will be a easy way to get even more ideas

This one it's a very different concept, basically on the left bar, you can tick the boxes of the ingredients you have at home or that you want to use, and the website gives you automatically ideas to choose from


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