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In this section I will discuss about food purely as enjoyment from an hedonistic point of view. 

With specific dishes for each country/city visited personally. 

This page will be updated regularly so stay tuned :)

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 London - UK:

☆Overall Vote:  

7.5/10 ★


Bao Fitzrovia 


London, UK

☆ Food: 9 /10 

Inspired by the street food markets in Taiwan 

It offers a lot of choices in the menu included different Baos:

Like the classic one in the picture with Pork and Peanuts or the fried chicken or Lamb shoulder alternatives, plus the interesting crumbled Daikon one 

☆ Vibe: 6/10 

The location is nothing special, to not end up in the downstairs floor is preferable to book a table ahead

But keep in mind but the food is what really matters so totally recommend a visit here!

✪ Interesting facts:

⍟  They have different locations around London and opening a new one this year

⍟  It's interesting in the official website how they describe places and dishes from their hometown in Taiwan that inspired the menu here in London 
you can have a look here if curious BAO London


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