Diabetes type 3 and NHS Diabetes prevention programme

Prevention it's always better than any future treatment

Working in the NHS Diabetes prevention programme made me realise how important it is to always look in a long term perspective to avoid any further complications

Doesn't matter if you are feeling young and invincible right now or have you just been diagnosed with Diabetes (even borderline)

The point is that an "investment" made on yourself to get healthier will be paid off with many interests in the future and the only person to benefit from this is yourself 

You might have heard already about:

  • Diabetes type 1: It happens when the body can't produce enough insulin 

  • Diabetes type 2: The body develops insulin resistence or is not produced enough 

But maybe you didn't hear about:

  • Diabetes type 3: An insulin resistance that could trigger Alzheimer's disease, because of the complications from the chemical imbalances (to not be confused with type 3c)


Now the takeaway is how important is the prevention and to use this information as a further motivation to make this happen and to persist in the long journey

Sometimes prevention could be the only cure, and this is one example

Here some practical advice we discussed so far on how to improve your sugar levels (each link it's a an article)

And how to reduce your weight at least of 
5% if overweight or obese 
This 5% it's proven as beneficial to improve your sugar levels:

I hope this helps, and if you have any idea or experience to share
Feel free to contact me and as I am always open to update and improve this blog:




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